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Guide to Connecting your Community-led Renewable Energy Project to the Electricity Network

This guide has been prepared by ESB Networks to support customers in connecting a community-led renewable energy project to the electricity network. The objective is to provide our customers with helpful information relating to the ECP-2 connection process and the policies that underpin community-led renewable energy projects.

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For further queries, please contact our Community-Led Renewable Energy Liaison Panel at


2020 Batch (ECP-2.1) Results - Joint SO_Publication_January 2021

Final Results ECP-2 Category A Batch. 

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2020 Batch (ECP-2.1) Category B & C Results - Non-Batch and Community-led

Final Results for successful ECP-2.1 Category B and Category C applicants. 

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Generator Developers Information Pack

This document is issued by ESB Networks as a guide to Developers of generation projects to give an understanding of the connection process for both Non-Contestable and Contestable Generator projects.

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Details on processing applications outside of GPA.

This document outlines the steps by which an application is processed which is not the normal GPA, it also includes factors that make an eligible non GPA application.

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Guidelines for costs and applicability of EGIP (Embedded Generation Interface Protection).

This documents presents Guidelines for costs and applicability of EGIP (Embedded Generation Interface Protection).

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Generator Connections - Complaints Procedure

This document outlines the procedure you need to take if you have a complaint about your Connection Offer or other aspects of your Generation connection to the Distribution System.

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Windfarm Performance Monitoring Process

This document outlines the process that is adopted by Eirgrid and ESB Networks in monitoring the performance of Wind Farm Power Stations (WFPS) in terms of the categorisation of controllability assigned following regulatory decision SEM-062-11 for priority Dispatch.

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Gate 3 Project Plan

This document outlines the high level summary of the System Operators Gate 3 Project Plan.  This revision reflects the impact of the introduction of Distribution contestability on the Plan, and records when PGOR (Possible Generator Output reports) will be available for issue. It also provides the expected date when Final Constraint Reports will be available.

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