Interim standard guideline clearances for Solar Farm to DSO overhead network

Interim guideline clearances for Solar Farm to DSO Overhead Network|Download PDF 321 KB


2020 Batch (ECP-2.1) Category B & C Results - Non-Batch and Community-led

Final Results for successful ECP-2.1 Category B and Category C applicants. 

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ECP-2 Decision CRU/20/060 – Capacity Release DSO Applications

As outlined in Section 2.9 of  the ECP-2 Decision paper, all projects contracted pre ECP-1 (but not those that folded into ECP-1) were given a final opportunity by ESB Networks and Eirgrid to terminate their connection agreement and release their full contracted MEC on the same terms and conditions for capacity release outlined in CER/16/284 (including 80% refund of first stage payment).

Please click the link below to view the full list of DSO Projects who availed of Final Capacity Release:

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DSO Completed Applications list 03.08.2018

DSO Completed Applications list 03.08.2018

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Letter of Re-assignment / Novation

In the case of requests for Assignment, you should submit the Letter of Assignment/ Novation requesting to novate the existing Connection Agreement to a New Legal Entity.

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Guidelines for costs and applicability of EGIP (Embedded Generation Interface Protection).

This documents presents Guidelines for costs and applicability of EGIP (Embedded Generation Interface Protection).

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Node Assignments list - Updated 20/05/2011

The System Operators have undertaken to update the node assignments list from time to time to confirm any changes to the Gate 3 tables originally published on the 19th January 2009. Changes are marked in yellow in the document and a footnote is included explaining the high level reason for the change.

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Details on processing applications outside of GPA.

This document outlines the steps by which an application is processed which is not the normal GPA, it also includes factors that make an eligible non GPA application.

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Supplemental Application for Modifications to Generation Connection Offers

This application form should be completed if your project is being processed within the group processing approach GPA, and you wish the system operators to use assumed project data rather than specific project data provided by you.

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