Load Demand Data

Special Load Reading Data

Special Load Reading data for 2016-2017 providing demand information on transformers and feeders of 110kV and 38kV substations.  These records have been redacted removing customer names, MPRN, MIC, billing class and MEC.

Special Load Report 2016-17 |418KB

SLR Main Section |1MB

Abnormal Feeding |32KB

HV Export Customer Stations |44KB

HV Demand Customer Stations |46KB 

MV & LV Generators < 25kVA |81KB



38kV & 110kV Station Special Load Readings 2018/2019

38kv & 110kV Station Special Load Readings 2018/2019 | Download PDF 4 MB

Special Load Readings (SLR) are a coincident set of measurements of simultaneous load for all distribution substations. The readings are recorded for 4 times annually as follows:

  • Winter: Measure at 12.30 and 18.00 hours on second Thursday in December. If the second Thursday in December is the 8th then the measurements are taken on the following Tuesday, December 13th.
  • Summer Peak: Measured at 12.30 hours on the fourth Thursday in June.
  • Summer Valley: Measured at 06.00 hours on the Sunday preceding the early August Monday Public Holiday.

ESB Networks Annual Compliance Report 2019 | Download PDF | 349KB

ESB Networks Ltd (now referred to as “ESB Networks DAC”) was vested as Distribution System Operator (DSO) on 1st January 2009 in accordance with the European Communities Regulations 2008 (S.I. 280 of 2008). A Compliance Programme was prepared in accordance with Regulation 11 of S.I. 280 which was approved by the then Commission for Energy Regulation (now CRU). In August 2016, pursuant to the Companies Act 2014, ESB Networks Ltd converted to a Designated Activity Company (“DAC”).

The Transmission System Owner (TAO) Licence was granted by CER to ESB on the 25 June 2001 pursuant to European Communities (Internal Market in Electricity) Regulations(S.I. 445 of 2000).

This Report outlines the activities undertaken by the DSO and TAO in relation to the implementation of the Compliance Programme during 2019.


ESB Networks Annual Compliance Report 2019 | Download PDF | 349KB

FOI Application Form ESB Networks

Application form to make a Freedom of Information Request to ESB Networks

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Freedom of Information Form

Download the Freedom of Information Application Form as a Word Document, fill it in and email it back to foi@esbnetworks.ie

Download Form | 397KB

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