Modification No. 47 - Addition of RfG derogation process to Distribution Code

CRU has approved Modification No. 47 of the Distribution Code which allows for the addition of the RfG derogation process to Distribution Code.

Effective Date 07/01/2021

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Modification No. 43 Proposed Distribution Code structural changes to facilitate adoption of RfG (and subsequent) Network Codes

The CRU has approved Modification No. 43 of the Distribution Code. This modification proposal describes the proposed structural changes to the Code that will facilitate the inclusion of new and changed content driven by the adoption of the Requirements for Generators [RfG], in the first instance. Some of the proposed changes will also facilitate the adoption of parts of other Codes such as the Demand Connection Code, in due course.

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Modification No. 44 - 1.1 pu Clarification and Adoption of Declared Supply Voltage

The most recent version of EN 50160, introduced the new parameter of “Declared Supply Voltage”. The voltage at the Connection Point shall be kept within +/- 10% of these values. Up to now, these parameters had not been defined.

Effective Date 11/10/2018


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Modification No. 45 - Met Signal Requirements

Proposed to remain aligned with a similar Grid Code modification. The modification is proposed to give WFPS the opportunity to discuss acceptable alternative sources for the provision of met data signals.

Effective Date 06/11/2018

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Modification No. 41- DCRP Class Derogation

The CRU has approved Modification No. 41 of the Distribution Code. The purpose of this Modification is to allow the relevant System Operators or Distribution Code Review Panel to propose class derogations to the CRU, rather than requiring each individual affected party to make a bespoke application.

Effective Date 10/10/2017

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