ESB Networks DAC Statement of Charges

This document lists the current connection charges, distribution use of system charges (DUoS) and other service charges applied by ESB Networks DAC. in its role as Distribution System Operator .

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Standard Prices for Generator Connections

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ESB Networks Proposed Statement of Generator Standard Charges

ESB Networks carried out a review of the Generator Standard Charges and submitted the proposed new charges to CRU for approval which includes the removal of civil construction costs as standard charges.

The CRU continues to review the submission and expects to publish a consultation on the ESBN submission in Q4 2020.  

See link below to the proposed Generator Standard Charges submitted to CRU for approval and if approved, revised Generator Standard Charges are expected to be in place prior to the first ECP-2 offers being issued.

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Schedule of Operation and Maintenance Charges

This document outlines the Operation and Maintenance Charges that apply to Generators, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Auto-producer customers.

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Basis of Charges for Connection to the Distribution System

This document sets out the basis on which charges for connection to the Distribution System are calculated and applied by ESB Networks DAC. in its role as the Distribution System Operator.

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Distribution Loss Adjustment Factors

This document contains a table listing the current Distribution Loss Adjustment Factors.

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Rules for Application of Transactional Charges for Additional Services to Use of System

On an annual basis, CER approves these charges to apply for services carried out on foot of special requests made by Suppliers. This document outlines the rules for applying such charges.

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Joint TSO/DSO Group Processing Approach Pricing Principles Guidelines Rev 2 2010

The purpose of this paper is to provide applicants seeking to connect under the Group Processing Approach with a clear set of guidelines explaining the rationale behind and methodology in place for the connection charging process.

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Joint DSO TSO Fees & Process for Connection Offer Modification

This document outlines a revised process for dealing with modification requests and the fees chargeable to the customer (Section 3) when applying for modifications to Connection Offers issued by either ESB Networks, in its role as the DSO, or EirGrid, in its role as the TSO (together known as the "System Operators or SOs").

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