All you need to know about ESB Networks response to Covid-19


We understand this is an incredibly challenging time for many of our customers, employees and stakeholders.  We want to reassure you that we are working to ensure the electricity network remains secure and reliable during these uncertain and unprecedented times. With the Government’s announcements on 27th March and further restrictions on movement, ESB Networks will only carry out necessary work to maintain the essential service of safe, secure and reliable electricity.
To see all of our Commitments and details of our essential works please read more HERE.  
For all frequently asked questions see below:


ESB N Maintaining NEtwork


How is ESB Networks ensuring a reliable power supply and keeping me connected during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

 ESB Networks is committed to carrying out all essential work necessary to maintain the flow of electricity from power stations and wind farms right through to homes, farms and businesses throughout Ireland. There may be circumstances where occasionally we will need to switch off power supplies to customers to repair faults and address safety hazards.


We know that this can be disruptive to people, so, in scheduling and carrying out this work, ESB Networks will seek to limit the number of customers impacted and the duration of outages.  This work will also be planned in a way that prioritises the needs of essential service providers, including those in the healthcare, water, gas, telecommunications and food sectors.


 Are planned outages still going ahead during the Covid-19 outbreak?

During the isolation period of Covid-19, people are being asked to stay at home and many people are working remotely. We’ve taken steps to review our work programmes to minimise the impact of any planned outages and disruption in people’s homes or businesses. However, it is essential that some works proceed in order to maintain and protect the resilience of the network and to address faults or any safety related issues as they arise.


How do I apply for a New Connection online during Covid-19?

You can apply for and track your New Connection click HERE. Please note, there might be some delays at this time due to all non-essential work being paused.


What do I do if I am affected by a power outage while staying at home during Covid-19?

Nothing has changed, if you have a power outage, you can check for an estimated restoration time HERE and if you need to report a power outage you can do so HERE.


ESB Networks Keeping our Customers Safe - Covid 19


How is ESB Networks ensuring staff safety during the Covid-19 outbreak?

ESB Networks staff who are involved in essential activities to maintain electricity supply, protect public safety, and keep critical systems going will attend work outside their homes. Our staff will continue to provide essential maintenance services and respond to all network faults and public safety concerns. We have suspended all non-essential activities that require employees to leave their homes.


Will Smart Meter installations still occur during the Covid-19 pandemic?

No, we have temporarily ceased the deployment of smart meters with immediate effect. We will recommence smart meter replacements as soon as it is safe to do so, based on Government advice. See all Smart Meter related updates HERE


If an ESB Networks Meter Reader Calls to my door during the Covid-19 pandemic what do I do?

We have currently suspended customer meter readings in order to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. You can submit your meter reading online, via SMS or by phoning our contact centre. All contact channel options are available HERE.


What happens if an ESB Networks Technician needs to come into my home to carry out essential work while I am social distancing?

We have deferred non-essential works that would require ESB Networks staff to enter private premises.
However, where we do need to enter a private home, we will only do so with your permission and will implement a best practice hygiene protocol.  We are asking our customers to maintain 2m distance from our staff should they need to enter your premises.


ESB Networks Looking after our customers during Covid 19


What steps is ESB Networks doing to minimise the impact of essential power outages while customers are isolating from Covid-19?

We are working to minimise the impact of these outages and are particularly mindful of vulnerable customers in this regard.  We will do this by:


  • Focusing on essential works that are required to remove public safety hazards, connect customers and carry out essential maintenance
  • Reducing the duration of electricity outages and reducing the number of customers that are disconnected for essential works
  • Implementing a new way of planning outages to reduce the impact on critical customers and stakeholders such as doctors and pharmacies. 


What is the best way to contact ESB Networks during Covid-19?

Our National Customer Contact Centre remains open and operating as normal during this period. We are implementing new work practices to keep our staff safe during this time.
If possible, to help us, we would like you to use the various digital platforms as the first point of contact for routine services and general enquiries. Contact details are available HERE.  
You can also contact us on Twitter @esbnetworks and Facebook @ESBNetworks.


Can I still call ESB Networks during Covid-19?

You can still call ESB Networks but where possible we would advise you to avail of our website & digital channels where possible. 
For general enquires: phone 1800 372 757 (021 2386555) or email esbnetworks@esb.ie
(open 8.30am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 1.30pm on Saturday excluding public holidays).
For emergencies or loss of supply we are open 24 hours on 1800 372 999 OR 021 2382410.


How do I submit a meter reading during Covid-19?

To send in a meter reading:  Phone 1800 337 777 with your MPRN and Reading or alternatively click Here 
You can also email: reading@esb.ie or text your Reading to 087 960 9223 in the format: MPRN (space), Reading.


I am worried about paying my electricity bill, what do I do?

ESB Networks is not an electricity supplier so cannot help with billing or financial queries. However, we do advise you to contact your electricity supplier as soon as possible with your concerns. All electricity supplier contact details are available HERE.


What is ESB Networks doing for the foreseeable future in relation to Covid-19?

While we do not know what the coming months will bring, we will continue to provide secure and safe electricity to the people of Ireland no matter what happens.
We will stay connected to the families, communities and businesses all over the country and will support the fight against Covid-19.