For Faults/Emergencies (24 hour / 7 day service) Ring 1800 372 999 or  if calling from outside Republic of Ireland, phone +353 21 2382410

Excavating a site?

You can get information on the location of ESB Network's cable arrangements through the 'Central Site'.

Central Site is a one stop shop for contractors or individuals who are engaged in excavation work.

Prior to commencing work, you are recommended to contact Central Site in order to locate possible cables in the vicinity of your excavation site. This information will be provided to you in a map format

Details needed for Map Requests

  1. A Site Plan/Area Plan with some Geographic Reference
  2. A Postal Address
  3. Your contact details

You can then do one of the following:

  1. Email your site map in pdf format and details to:
  2. Send your site map and details to:

    Central Site,
    ESB Networks,
    St. Margaret's Road,
    Dublin 11,

  3. Fax your site location and map details to: 01 638 8169

Telephone Contacts for ESB Central Site

1800 928 960 or 01 8582060

All ESB maps are posted to the address supplied with your request. Please allow 10 working days notice.

Note: In emergency cases only ESB Networks Central Site can provide maps for collection. Please ring us for more details. This service operates Monday to Friday only.

Note: ESB's Information can be provided Digitally. Please Contact for details on the terms and conditions of this service.