Construction Development Agreement

Construction Development

Construction Development Agreement

If you are developing a multi-unit residential or business development, you will need to sign and return a Construction Development Agreement for electricity connection.
Note: For connections made after September 2018 some Distribution Code conditions may change, arising from the need to be aligned with European Network Codes. For more information on this see our European Network Codes Page

What is a Construction Development Agreement?
A Construction Development Agreement outlines the connection characteristics for each connection point in a development This includes the MPRN and MIC of each connection point and also the postal address for each unit as agreed with the Local Authority.

How to obtain a Construction Development Agreement

To obtain a Construction Development Agreement, please follow the application process outlined in the Connect a New Multi Unit Development.


Individual Connection Agreements

If any individual connections within the development.have an MIC of 30 kVA (kilovolt-amps) or more it will  be necessary for individual owners/occupiers of the new unit to first register with an Electricity Supplier.

A connection agreement will automatically issue as a result of registering with your Supplier of choice.