Connect a New Multi-Unit Development 

Multi Unit Development

Connect a new multi-unit housing or commercial development

To get your development connected, follow the steps outlined on this page. 

The step-by-step guide below gives you all the information you need when applying for a multi unit housing, commercial or industrial site.



​Step by Step Guide

Obtain an Ordnance Survey map (scale 1:2500-1:10560) showing the location of the development. Mark the exact location for connection with a red pen. You will also need a site plan (1:100-1:500) showing your new development. Your builder or architect should be able to provide you with both of these. Please forward these in the correct format (specified on the application form) to

Photocopies are acceptable. You will also need a letter from the Local Authority confirming the final name of your development. 

When we get your completed application, your details will be set up on our system. We will also add the street names of the proposed development to our address database. You will then receive an acknowledgement with a reference number which you can use for any queries. 

Your documentation will be sent to a designer in your local ESB Networks office, Contact Us. This office will issue you with a quotation and a Development Agreement. See a list of ESB Networks DAC Statement of Charges (PDF | 629 KB).

Development Agreement

This agreement covers:

  • Terms under which ESB Networks will provide an electricity connection to each unit.
  • Outline of the costs involved.
  • Substation site acquisition documentation (if required).
  • Schedule of Meter Point Reference Numbers (MPRN) and Maximum Import Capacity (MIC)  for each unit.
  • DUoS (Distribution Use of System) group for each MPRN. This group is one of the factors used to calculate the ongoing use of system charges which ESB Networks levies on Electricity Suppliers for that connection.

Note: It is not possible for ESB Networks to quote or connect developments without the allocation of a unique MPRN to each unit. 

Make a Payment and return a signed copy of the Development Agreement to:

Accounts Receivable
ESB Networks DAC
Sarsfield Road
Licence No. FCK 724


The job will then be released for authorisation. This will allow us to start construction on the electricity infrastructure.

Penalty charge for late changes

Changing any details after the Development Agreement has been signed will result in an extra charge. Therefore, you should ensure that all information in relation to numbers, addresses and load requirements is as accurate as possible.

You now need to undertake the preparatory work such as installation of ducting and provision of substation plinth or building. This work must be carried out in accordance with ESB Networks’ specifications. When the work is complete, contact 1800 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to let us know. Read more about substation construction and ducting specification (PDF | 5 MB).

Once the preparation work has been completed to a satisfactory standard, we will commence installation of the electricity cabling /lines and any other necessary equipment. 


Please note that the registered electrical contractor who is certifying the electrical wiring in your premises, must send a wiring certificate to his/her regulatory body quoting your MPRN and address before your connection can be made live. 


Once we have completed the infrastructure work and all of the above requirements have been met, your new connection can be made live. Your electrical contractor is then responsible for turning the power on in your new premises.


The Development Agreement also forms the basis upon which the new owner/occupier of each unit will be connected. 

When owners/occupiers begin to move in you will need to provide them with their: 

  • MPRN
  • MIC (kVA)
  • New address

They will need this information to notify us of their intention to move in, and to register with an Electricity Supplier

Application forms and other useful downloads & links

Conditions for connection to the Distribution System (PDF | 67 KB)

This document sets out the conditions for connection to the electricity distribution system. These conditions apply to all customers irrespective of their electricity supplier.

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