Substation Construction and Minipillars

Substation Construction

The following describes the standards to which you must comply if you are required to construct a substation building. You are required to build a substation building if:

  • Your connection Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is of 150 Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA) or more.  

  • The Connection Agreement or Quotation Letter which you received from us specifies that you must provide a substation building.  

Medium Voltage Substation Building: General Specifications

A medium voltage (MV) substation building contains the equipment that connects a site to the electricity network.

Because this unit will subsequently form part of Ireland's electricity distribution system, it must be constructed in accordance with the specifications of ESB Networks. Ownership of substation buildings is transferred to ESB Networks following completion. 

Construction Specifications

These documents set out the construction specifications to be followed for MV substations. 

  • Specification for Medium Voltage (MV) Substation Buildings
    This document outlines the design and construction requirements for medium voltage substation buildings for demand connections only.

  • For MV substations associated with embedded generator connections, a different design is required. The size of the substation will be determined by the selection of electrical equipment to be installed. For non-contested projects, the drawings for the standard building layout will be made available to the embedded generator customer, upon request.
  • Construction Disclaimer: ESB Networks believes these drawings to be correct. However, we are not responsible for any errors and/or omissions.  

  • Certificate of Completion for MV Substation (PDF | 153 KB) 
    A note to ESB Networks that a substation is complete and ready for the installation of Medium Voltage or 38 Kilovolt equipment. 

  • Approved Material Suppliers for Substation Buildings and Housing Schemes (PDF | 1 MB) 

    This document list the suppliers that have been approved for the provision of material for MV substation building and Housing Schemes.

    Get the approved Yellow Cable Marker Warning Tape.