Multi-Unit Development

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Getting connected - new Multi-Unit Development

The information in this section describes the process for builders/developers who want to connect a new housing /apartment scheme or commercial/industrial development to the electricity network.


Note: For connections made after September 2018 modified Distribution Codes may apply as they will need to be aligned with European Distribution Codes. For more information on this see our European Network Codes page


Important - Please contact us early when planning the project.

Connect a new Multi-Unit Development

Contact your local ESB Networks Area Office as early as possible when planning your project. We will arrange for you to have a preliminary discussion with our Design Team. Early contact means the electricity connection requirements can be incorporated into your project design from the beginning. This should prevent possible difficulties arising at a later stage.

Download the Application Form (PDF | 1MB) or call 1850 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to request a copy.

Key items to include in your application

  • Correct format of CAD files and hard copies as specified in the application form

  • Exact details of the postal address of each unit as agreed with the Local Authority

  • The Maximum import Capacity (MIC) of each individual premise/commercial /unit.

  • You must also choose between 'Single Tariff 'or 'Time of Day Metering'

Apply for a connection