Connecting  Synchronised Generators larger than 6kW single phase or 11kW three phase.

This section explains how to connect generators larger than 6kW single phase or 11kW three phase that may be exporting electricity to the Electricity Network for sale or supply.

This information is generally aimed at developers who wish to construct :

  • a single wind turbine larger than 6 or 11kW
  • a wind farm
  • a landfill gas site
  • a combined heat & power (CHP) facility

Note: If you wish to connect a generator less than 6kW single phase or 11kW three phase go to Connect a Micro-Generator.

Group Processing Approach (GPA)

The majority of renewable generator applications are processed under a Group Processing Approach (GPA) which is known as a Gate system. The current Gate is called Gate 3. It is based on a date order queue system that was approved by CER. However, your application may be eligible to be processed outside of the GPA in line with CER direction CER/09/099.

For more information click below for Frequently Asked Questions in relation to connecting a Renewable/Embedded Generator:

Commercial Issues Technical Issues

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How to apply

Obtain an Ordnance Survey map (scale 1:2500-1:10560) showing the location of your new generator. Mark the location with a red pen.

You will also need a detailed site plan (scale 1:100-1:500) showing the new generator.

Please refer to eligibility criteria  for processing outside of GPA in  CER direction CER/09/099

If your request is possibly eligible for processing outside the GPA:

Use the New Generator Connection Application (NC5) (PDF | 737 KB) to apply. If you opt  to be processed outside the GPA, your application will not be subject to the full rigors of the group processing rules.  

If your request is not eligible for processing outside the GPA:

Use the New Generator Connection Application (NC5A) (PDF | 548 KB) (which is a shortened version of the NC5 application form) to apply. If the NC5A form is submitted and the application request is included within a gate for processing, a connection offer will be issued based on assumed data. The possible consequences of basing an offer on assumed data are as set out in Appendix 7, clause 2 of the CER direction on Gate 3 CER/08/260.


If you wish to amend a Connection Agreement (Modification):

If you already have a connection and wish to make a modification use the Supplemental Application Form (PDF | 374 KB).

In many cases a Supplemental Application Form (PDF | 374 KB) will need to be accompanied by an updated NC5 (PDF | 737 KB) or NC5A (PDF | 548 KB) form.  For more detail on the modification process refer to Joint DSO TSO Fees & Process for Connection Offer Modification (PDF | 330 KB)..

These application forms may be downloaded from our published documents section:


Or you can Call 1850 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to request a hard copy of a form 

Send the completed application form together with payment and all necessary documentation to:

ESB Customer Services Bureau 
PO Box 29
Co. Westmeath


Payment Amounts

Customers applying to connect an embedded generator are required to pay an application fee or a non-refundable deposit for processing the application. The fee amount depends on the proposed Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) or the proposed increase in MEC (where there is an existing connection agreement in place). A full listing of charges is contained in Schedule of Approved Application and Modification Charges (PDF | 106 KB) .

Points to Note:

  • If an application fee  is up to a value of  €7,000 (incl VAT @23%), the full application fee should be submitted with all NC5 or NC5A generator application forms.
  • If an application fee is greater than €7,000 (incl VAT @23%) then a non-refundable deposit of €7,000 (incl VAT @23%) should be made. 
  • Your application will not be deemed complete until the minimum required payment is received and  incomplete applications will not begin to be processed until payment has been received. 
  • If your project is to be processed as part of the GPA and a deposit is paid, the balance of the application fee will be levied in the year when the generator application is processed for a connection or as directed by CER. 
  •  If your project is to be processed outside the GPA, the full application fee is payable prior to processing.
  • All cheque payments should be made payable to ESB Networks DAC. 
  • Please email for bank account details, should you wish to pay by EFT. Your application should advise the reference of the EFT payment for receipting purposes. 

On receipt of a valid application and payment, we will send you a letter of confirmation which includes a reference number and an invoice for the payment made within 20 working days. 

Please use this reference number when contacting ESB Networks regarding your application.

Group Processing Approach

Under the Group Processing Approach, ESB Networks processes a pre-defined number of applications at the same time. This entails the following steps:

  1. Completed applications are processed in one batch.        
  2. Based on the level of interaction and geographic location, applications within the Gate are divided by EirGrid and ESB Networks into Groups for processing. Each Group may also contain several subgroups of applications. 
  3. ESB Networks and EirGrid study all the Groups from a load-flow and short-circuit perspective. Based on these studies, the shallow (i.e. direct) connection method and associated deep reinforcements (both transmission and distribution) for each application within the Group or Subgroup are identified.
  4. The most appropriate shallow connection method is chosen irrespective of whether the original application form was submitted to ESB Networks or EirGrid. This may result in ESB Networks applications becoming EirGrid connection offers and vice-versa.


Closure of Gate 3

The applicants for Gate 3 have already been selected and the full list of those included is published in the Gate 3 Node Assignments (PDF | 244 KB).  Your application will join the generator applications queue and once all connection offers in Gate 3 have issued, the selection process for the next Gate will be initiated. We will contact you if you are selected for the next Gate. However, your application may be eligible to be processed outside of the GPA in line with CER direction CER\09\099.

For Export Capacity greater than  0.5 Megawatts.

For wind generator applications with an MEC greater than 0.5 Megawatts or other applications that have not been approved to be processed outside of the group process, application will be processed in accordance with the 'Group Processing Approach for Renewable Generator Applications' from CER/05/049.

One year prior to energisation of your project you will be required to submit the NC5 Form (PDF | 737 KB) unless this form has already been completed and the details provided remain unchanged. Any delay in submitting an NC5 form at this stage will delay energisation.

A connection offer will issue to you in due course. This offer will set out the technical and commercial terms including connection charges.

For Export Capacity less than 0.5 Megawatts

ESB Networks will aim to issue connection offers within 90 business days following CER approval (if required) and receipt of the relevant application fee, whichever date is later. The connection charge will be detailed in this offer, which is valid for three months.

Licence to Generate and Supply Electricity

ESB Networks does not issue licences. The CER is responsible for the issuing of authorisations to construct in relation to the construction/re-construction of generating stations, as well as licences for the generation and supply of electricity. For more information go to CER website.

Where a person is proposing to: 

  • Construct/ re-construct a generating station with an installed capacity not exceeding 1MW; 
  • Generate electricity from a generating station with an installed capacity not exceeding 1MW, 

such a person is not required to apply to the CER in order to receive an Authorisation to Construct/Licence to Generate. This person is deemed to be authorised by Order under Article 5 (1)(b) of S.I. No. 383 of 2008/ licensed by Order under Article 5 (1)(b) of S.I. No. 384 of 2008. Such generators are subject to specific terms and conditions as set out in the relevant Orders. For more information go to CER website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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