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Project Time Frame & Typical Pricing


We are making every effort to meet our target timeframes, however, we are currently working through a backlog due to compliance with HSE guidelines. Unfortunately this means that your quotation may be delayed up to 3 weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Once you have all of the documentation required, the application process should only take between 10-15 minutes. While we aim to provide a quote within 15 business days (MIC < 100kVA) or 90 business days (MIC > 100kVA), these timelines may not be met due to changes in work practices in-line with current HSE and Government Guidelines.

Connection costs are calculated on the basis of standard charges detailed in the Charges for Connection to the Distribution System PDF | 178 KB as approved by CRU. For Connection Charges for LV and MV Business Demand Customers see ESB Networks DAC Statement of Charges PDF | 308 KB.

For a small commercial business, once you have accepted the quote and made payment, we aim to complete your new connection within 60 business days.

For a large load, a considerable lead time can occur from application to connection, relating to investigating the connection method, establishing costs and when the contribution is paid, carrying out work to provide the connection.  Connection times vary considerably from one installation to the next. Large LV or smaller MV loads, typically over 200kVA, involving a substation can take 6 to 9 months from application to connection; major business loads, e.g. over 4MVA, requiring a high voltage 110kV connection can take over 2 years.


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