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Send any queries to the following address:


ESB Networks contact person details will be given at the connection offer stage.

The following general conditions apply to:

  • All import customers with a capacity exceeding 100 kilovolt-amperes (kVA)
  • Customers with embedded generation
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) producers
  • Autoproducers


General Conditions for Connection (PDF | 340 KB)

The following technical conditions govern:

  • Connections for customers connected at Medium Voltage (MV) or 38 kilovolts (kV)
  • Customers with embedded generation at Low Voltage (LV), MV, or 38kV


Conditions Governing Connection to the Distribution System (PDF | 473 KB)

Other relevant conditions include:

For windfarms greater than 5 Megawatts, please refer to the Distribution Code (PDF | 1 MB) for details.