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Go to ESB Networks PowerCheck for Real-time information on outages – if your area is not listed you can Report it Online or call us at 1850 372 999 or +353 21 2382410.
We are responsible for all Network up to the Metering Point. Internal wiring is your responsibility. Check your trip switches and fuses (Watch our Video).  If this doesn't resolve the issue you should contact a registered electrical contractor.
Within your home, ESB Networks is only responsible/liable for the maintenance of your electricity meter. Any other electrical installations within your home are your own responsibility. 
You will receive notification by post at least two working days before the planned interruption which will advise  the date and the approximate start and finish times of the interruption. All Planned interruptions involving more than 10 customers are involved will have Real Time updates on ESB Networks PowerCheck.
 No. We do not compensate customers for interruptions. It is a feature of electricity networks that lines have to be switched out from time to time in order to carry out maintenance. We appreciate the inconvenience that interruptions cause to our customers and we try wherever possible to carry out work while the lines are live. However, on some occasions, lines have to be switched out for safety reasons as it would  be too dangerous for our network repair crews to work on them. While we do our best to minimize these interruptions, they are necessary to ensure a better electricity service.
Freezer contents will remain safe for up to 24 hours without electricity if the freezer isn't opened. Make sure to keep the freezer door closed during the outage. In general interruptions do not last for more than 8 hours.  
No, they can occur on any day of the week. 
Go to ESB Networks PowerCheck for Real-time information on outages or call us at 1850 372 999 or +353 21 2382410