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This means that communication has broken down between the customer keypad and the meter. Try plugging it into another socket. 
This means that the code has been entered incorrectly five times. Wait until the message clears and then enter the correct code.  
This means there's something wrong. Call us on 1850 372 999 or +353 21 2382410 to log a call out. 
1 - Credit remaining, calculated in days
2 - Cost of recent consumption
3 - Current meter date and time
4 - Details of last 5 Top-Up codes
5 - Total value of Top-Ups paid
6 - Current electricity consumption
7 - Standing charge rate per day and unit rate
8 - Details of highest usage in last 24 hours
9 - Total units used
0 - Display test" 
A Pay As you Go Meter has two parts - a main meter which replaces your existing meter and a keypad  which you use to top up your credit. It comes with a unique pin number which you'll need to make payments. Your pin number will be posted to you in an Information Pack when a Pay As You Go meter has been requested by your Electricity Supplier. 
Contact your Electricity Supplier to find out if they can provide you with one. 
When your credit reduces to €2 a low volume alarm will sound for 2 minutes. To silence the alarm press any button on the Keypad. When your credit reduces to €0 the low volume alarm will sound again for 2 minutes before disconnecting your supply (but not during "Friendly Credit" times). If this happens press the 0 button and your supply will come back on. You will automatically receive €5 Emergency Credit. Any Emergency Credit used will be paid back out of your next top-up. 
When you are away from  home standing charges and other charges will continue to be deducted from your meter credit. Please ensure that you have enough credit on the meter to maintain supply until you return.