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The most important thing to consider is if the electricity supply capacity is sufficient for your needs. Every building now has a registered supply capacity called a Maximum Import Capacity (MIC). MIC is the contracted electricity capacity for your premises based on information your developer has provided to us.  It is important to establish the current MIC of the premises. In most cases the MIC is displayed on the Electricity Supplier's bill.  

You should then discuss your present and future electricity requirements with an electrical contractor or engineer. Remember to take into account all business equipment and the building's heating and cooling needs. If the current MIC is incorrect for your requirements, contact us on 1850 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to discuss. Where possible your MIC should reflect your actual requirements If your MIC level is higher than you need, you will incur unnecessary charges.

You will need to establish the size of the electrical load required for your farm premises.

For more information go to Farm Premises.

You will need to establish first if the load is 3 kVA or less if so you can download the NC2 Application Form (PDF | 493 KB) or go to Single House to apply online. Please state that the supply is required for farm lighting.
To connect an electric fence with a load less than 2 kVA go to Unmetered Electric Loads (less than 2kVA).
Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is the maximum electricity demand level that can be catered for by your connection to our network. MIC is stated in kilovolt-amps but this value is, in most cases, similar to the number of kilowatts that may be catered for by the connection.  
We offer connections that provide for many different levels of electricity usage. When applying for a new connection, you need to specify the maximum electricity demand level you require and this level is then written into the Connection Agreement as the MIC. We then design our network to provide a connection method in accordance with the agreed MIC
You should discuss your electrical needs with an Electrical Contractor, with whose help you will be able to determine what the correct MIC is for your requirements. From our experience, it is almost always much lower than the sum of the kilowatt ratings of the equipment you plan to install.
It sets an upper limit on the total electrical load you may use. It impacts how much you will be charged for your connection. 
  • If the MIC is too high, you will be paying for more capacity than you need.
  • If the MIC is too low, your equipment may not operate correctly and you may incur an excess capacity charge.
 Go to Increasing/Decreasing Supply for all information on how to change your MIC.