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Connection charges depend on the connection method that is chosen. The following document contains the CER approved standard pricing approach for connecting renewable generators to the distribution network. Download the Standard Prices for Generator Connections 2016 (PDF | 191 KB).

This Pricing Principles Guidelines (PDF | 290 KB) paper  has been prepared by the system operators and approved by the CER and explains the charging regime that applies to generators connecting to the network under the Group Processing Approach.

This clarifies the connection method and pricing principles, covering issues such as requests for alternative connection methods and the impact on generators' connection charges of the non-acceptance of offers by one or more generators in their group

Your Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges will be determined in accordance with Rules for Application of DUoS Tariff Group (PDF | 269 KB) approved by CER (04/300). 
The Statement of Charges (PDF | 489 KB) approved by Commission for Electricity Regulation (CER), are applicable to electricity suppliers. 
An Operation and Maintenance Charge (PDF | 206 KB) is applied to generators and incorporates maintenance, rates, operations and indirect overheads attributable to maintaining the Facility.

In general generators pay connection charges in four instalments. The payment schedule is as follows:


First Stage Payment: In accordance with CER/09/138 an initial non-refundable payment on acceptance of the Connection Agreement being the greater of 1 or 2 below:


  1. 10% of the Capital Contribution (including any estimated pass through costs at date of offer issue), or
  2. The lesser of €10,000 per MW of MEC or 50% of Capital Contribution (including any estimated pass through costs at date of offer issue).


Second Stage Payment: A second payment such that together with the first stage payment the combined payments total 65% of the required Capital Contribution including any known estimated Pass Through Costs. This payment is due within thirty business days of request for payment and must be made before construction of the Company's Connection Works begins.


Third Stage Payment: A third payment such that 90% of the required Capital Contribution (including any identified Pass Through Costs) has been recorded post the third stage payment. This payment is due within thirty business days of request for payment and one calendar month before the Connection Agreement Effective Date.


Final Stage Payment: The balance of the Total Capital Contribution (including any outstanding Pass Through Costs), any refunds due to other developers, the Distribution Use of System (DUoS) Customer or the Grid Upgrade Development Programme (GUDP) fund) when applying for data validation and before export data is sent by the Company to Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) for payment.

As specified in the quotation letter, a Customer / Generator with an MEC greater than 5 MW and who has not put a bond in place, must provide a capacity bond at the Third Stage Payment, before Commissioning and Energisation or two [2] years from the start of the construction of the Shallow Connection Works whichever is the earlier provided always that the Customer who does not post the necessary bond will not be Energised. Please see our General Conditions (PDF | 340 KB)Schedule 2A for a sample of the Capacity Bond.

If the Customer is unable to obtain a Capacity Bond then following a formal request from the Customer, DSO will consider on a case by case basis whether a Letter of Credit/ Bank Draft for the same amount could be provided instead.

Yes, as defined in the CER decision paper, customers who have already received offers or with connection agreements in place are allowed to request to move from the bonding requirements in the existing offers to revised bonding requirements as set out in CER/09/138. This specific option will be advised to customers following receipt of their formal request.

Please note the Customer is required to submit a formal request to ESB Networks DAC. on the company's official letterhead signed by a Director/Secretary.

The Connection Offer is issued in current monies. This means that the CER approved Standard Charges are applied as per the year when the offer is issued. The connection charge is then adjusted by indexation (ie: Consumer Price Index (CPI) / Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP))  as outlined in the Quotation Letter  from the date of offer issue in respect of subsequent stage payment requests.

Please note if there are any Modifications issued to the Customer, the modified offer will issue using approved charges from the year of the original offer.Consequently indexation will still be applied on the basis of the original Connection Offer issue date.


The Connection offers that are issued to Non GPA Customers are valid for three months. If not accepted within a three month period the offer will lapse and the relevant New Generator Connection Application (NC5) (PDF | 737 KB) or New Generator Connection Application (NC5A) (PDF | 548 KB) application will be removed from the generator applications queue. In addition, any paper applications will be destroyed.


The validity period for connection offers that are issued to GPA Customers is set out in the relevant CER directions. For Gate 2&3 the offer acceptance period was 50 business days. If not accepted within this period of time the offers will lapse and the relevant New Generator Connection Application (NC5) (PDF | 737 KB) or New Generator Connection Application (NC5A) (PDF | 548 KB) will be removed from the queue. In addition any paper applications will be destroyed.

Generally, at offer acceptance the Customer will be required to provide:

  • The correctly executed Connection Agreement (both customer and return copies)
  • The First Stage Payment
  • The correctly executed Declaration of Independence (only applicable to wind generators less than 5 MW)
  • Generators with an MEC of greater than 5MW will need to provide evidence of current TUoS Agreement with the TSO. This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions upon which the TSO and the generator have agreed in relation to the use by the Generator of the Transmission System. For more information on the TUoS agreement please contact EirGrid directly on 353 1 702 6642 or by email


For the actual items to be returned with the correctly executed connection offer documentation please see your connection offer as these may vary.

Once the necessary conditions for acceptance set out in the Quotation Letter have been fulfilled by the Customer, DSO will countersign both the customer and return Connection Agreements.  The customer copy of the Connection Agreement is returned to the customer with  a letter of acknowledgment to confirm that there is a Connection Agreement in place.