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In general generators pay connection charges in four instalments. The payment schedule is as follows:


First Stage Payment: In accordance with CER/09/138 an initial non-refundable payment on acceptance of the Connection Agreement being the greater of 1 or 2 below:


  1. 10% of the Capital Contribution (including any estimated pass through costs at date of offer issue), or
  2. The lesser of €10,000 per MW of MEC or 50% of Capital Contribution (including any estimated pass through costs at date of offer issue).


Second Stage Payment: A second payment such that together with the first stage payment the combined payments total 65% of the required Capital Contribution including any known estimated Pass Through Costs. This payment is due within thirty business days of request for payment and must be made before construction of the Company's Connection Works begins.


Third Stage Payment: A third payment such that 90% of the required Capital Contribution (including any identified Pass Through Costs) has been recorded post the third stage payment. This payment is due within thirty business days of request for payment and one calendar month before the Connection Agreement Effective Date.


Final Stage Payment: The balance of the Total Capital Contribution (including any outstanding Pass Through Costs), any refunds due to other developers, the Distribution Use of System (DUoS) Customer or the Grid Upgrade Development Programme (GUDP) fund) when applying for data validation and before export data is sent by the Company to Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) for payment.

Once we have the connection point live, either your own electrical contractor or the builder's electrician will switch on the electricity in your new home and let you know when it's done.   
Alternatively you can check with us by calling 1850 372 757 or +353 21 2386555. Please have your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) to hand. (Your builder should be able to provide you with this). This is a unique reference number that identifies your connection point to the electricity network.
Most connections are completed within 10 working days provided the electricity infrastructure has been installed and the wiring cert has been received.
Usually we apply an overall connection charge to the builder for all the dwellings in the development and they incorporate the charge into the sale price.  In some instances however a connection charge may be payable.  
Go to How to Pay a Networks Invoice for the options available.  Payment must be made before work will start. 
An Operation and Maintenance Charge (PDF | 206 KB) is applied to generators and incorporates maintenance, rates, operations and indirect overheads attributable to maintaining the Facility.
Yes. ESB Networks is responsible for bringing electricity to all electricity customers in the Republic of Ireland. We install all new electricity connections. You will also need to register with an Electricity Supplier in order to purchase electricity.
The Statement of Charges (PDF | 489 KB) approved by Commission for Electricity Regulation (CER), are applicable to electricity suppliers.