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Yes. Once you have registered online you may apply for multiple connections.
Yes if you need to change your contact email address then log in and select My Profile, My Details and  select Edit Contact Details and enter the email address that you want us to use when contacting you.
The verification code is valid for 5 minutes.

When you register online you have the ability to:

  • Apply online for a new connection for a domestic, business or multi-unit premises
  • Apply online to change the capacity of an existing connection
  • Apply online to reconnect a premises if it has been disconnected for more than 2 years
  • Track the progress of any application from submission to live connection, for an  
    connection less than 100 kVA
  • Access information on outstanding requirements (such as informing us that your 
    underground service duct is ready) so that we  can progress your connection

Check your verification code, the verification code is valid for five minutes so this may have timed out. If this is the case then click resend verification code. Otherwise you can contact us at

The verification code that we send to your email address is valid for 5 minutes.
It will take a few minutes to register. Once you input your email address, verify the code we send via email and confirm your password your registration will be complete.
You will need an email address that you will use anytime you want to track your application. Once you have inputted your email address and clicked send verification code, you will need to access your email address to input this code on the registration page. Once the email address and code have been verified you will need to input a secure password. Your registration will be complete when you click Register.

Domestic and commercial customers requiring connections for single, or multi-unit developments may apply online, as well as those seeking a change of capacity.
Domestic and commercial customers can also apply online for reconnections, if the premises has been disconnected for more than 2 years.


General Conditions for Connection of Industrial and Commercial Customers and Generators to the Distribution System (PDF 340 KB) set out the circumstances under which an Assignment of the Connection Agreement may be permitted.

In the case of requests for Assignment, the Customer should submit the Letter of Assignment/Novation (PDF 133 KB) requesting to novate the existing Connection Agreement to a New Legal Entity. If DSO determines that the request can proceed, DSO will endeavor to issue the connection offer documentation to the New Legal Entity within 20 business days. The new legal entity will have three (3) months to accept it. Please note a  level 1 modification fee will apply. Please note any changes to any of the applicant details of the original New Generator Connection Application (NC5) (PDF 737 KB) or New Generator Connection Application (NC5A) (PDF 548 KB)  Application Forms/contestability template(s) will require a new Application Form / contestability template(s) together with a CD to be submitted by the customer to:

ESB Networks DAC,
DSO Generators,
Leopardstown Road,
Dublin 2.

Please also note, that where a TUoS Agreement is required, this will also need to be reassigned to the new legal entity and the customer should contact TSO ( in relation to this matter.