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You may track new connections for single domestic and single commercial premises less than 100 kVA.
Yes. You may track all applications submitted online via the My Connection Applications page.

You will find a list of all of your applications there, as well as the status of each application.

You may also select any application you want to view in more detail. Tracking information is only available for new domestic and single commercial connections less than 100 kVA.
You will be able to track your application once you have submitted a completed form.

Yes. On My Connection Applications page there is an option to print the application form.

The ‘Application Completed’ date marks the date the application is processed by our New Connections Team.’
Once your application has been processed by our New Connections Team the status of your application will change to 'Application Submitted'.

‘Application in Progress’ means:

  • You are working on your application form but have not yet submitted it, or
  • We have received your application and our New Connections Team is reviewing it
  • Once your application has been updated on our system you will be able to track its progress.

The date displayed on your Tracker is the date that your application was processed.

You may only view your application online if you registered and submitted a completed application form online.

If you are unable to view the application form online it is likely because:

  • You submitted a paper Application Form before registering online. If you supplied your email address with your application, you will be contacted once it is has been reviewed. This may take a few days. If you would like to add an email address to your application, contact us on
  • You have yet to complete an Application Form. You can access an application form by selecting ‘New Application’.
  • You registered with a different email address than what was provided on your application.
  • If you did not provide your email address, or wish to change it after registration, please email us at
Connections less than 29 kVA are Domestic. Connections greater than 29 kVA are Commercial.
It is not possible to apply online for a generator connection. For information on applying for a generator connection, please visit