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This means that we are building the infrastructure to safely connect the electricity to your premises. In order for us to complete the Construction stage, you must confirm that the underground service duct, meter cabinet and earth trench (where required) have been installed in accordance with ESB Networks’ specifications.

This means we have received your signed Connection Agreement and payment, and we have begun the Design stage of your connection.

This involves carrying out a detailed design and securing any necessary permissions or wayleaves from landowners. When these permissions have been granted, construction of your connection can begin. In some cases it may be necessary to erect a new pole on your site within 50 metres of the outdoor meter cabinet. Read your Welcome Pack (sent with your quotation) for more information on outdoor meter cabinet positioning.

We aim to send you a quotation within 7 working days where no visit to your site is required, and 15 working days when a site visit is required.

If a site visit is required the Engineering Officer will contact you.

Important Safety Notice: If there is an overhead electrical line or cable crossing your site, do not carry out any work until you have permission from ESB Network Services (Telephone 1850 372 757).

Contact or near contact with such a line by persons or machinery could result in a fatality.

This means that we are waiting to receive:

  • A signed Connection Agreement, and
  • Payment of the quotation

Your connection application may progress once these are complete.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have an online version of the quotation. If the Tracker is showing that your quote has been issued, it has been posted to the correspondence address provided. Please allow 2 working days for the quote to arrive in the post.
The date displayed on the Tracker is the date the quote was posted to your correspondence address. Please allow 2 working days for the quote to issue in the post.
Your electrician updates the details on your cert electronically via Safe Electric. Safe Electric then advise ESB Networks of the Cert details. This may take up to 2 working days to show on the Tracker.
The Tracker will show you what stage your connection is at. ‘My Action List’ outlines what must be done to ensure your connection progresses.

'On Hold’ means that we are waiting on updates for the following information:

  • The wiring certificate from your Electrical Contractor
  • Notification that your underground service duct is ready
  • Confirmation that you have registered with an Electricity Supplier

The data is refreshed early morning Monday to Friday. If there has been any change to the status of your connection it will be reflected the following day.