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Contact your Electricity Supplier and give them the final reading on your electricity meter.   Your Supplier will then issue you with a final bill.
You need to set up an account with an Electricity Supplier of your choice.  Your supplier will ask for your MPRN. This is usually available from your landlord or estate agent, you can contact ESB Networks with the RM number from the meter and we can help. Your supplier will also need a meter reading from the day you move in.
Reading a meter is like reading the mileage indicator on a car. To find out more go to  How to Read Your Meter.
If you are not at home when the Meter Reader calls, the Meter Reader will leave a card in your letterbox inviting you to send in the reading yourself. If you submit a reading within 24 hours of receiving a card, it can be used by your Electricity Supplier to calculate your next bill. Otherwise an estimated reading will be used.  To find out more go to Submit a Meter Reading.
There is a two-monthly cycle for meter reading i.e. 6 readings per year. We endeavour to get four actual readings per year taken by an ESB Networks' representative who calls to your home. The other two readings are estimates based on your previous usage patterns.
A Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) is a unique 11 digit number used to idenitfy your address. It is used by all suppliers to check the incoming supply details for individual premises. Your MPRN can be found at the top of your electricity  bill from your electricity supplier. The MPRN is unique to individual premises and will never change.