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There is no charge to connect a micro-generator to the ESB network provided it complies with EN50438, or equivalent.
No, we don't recommend individual electricians. You can contact the electricians' regulatory bodies such as ECSSA or RECI for a list of their members or go to Safe Electric.
Emergency credit is designed to give you time to purchase a Top-Up.The meter will automatically disconnect the electricity when the credit runs out. Please note that your meter will not disconnect during "friendly Credit" times.                                      

Monday – Thursday:

Between 4pm – 9am the next morning (5pm - 10am summer time)     

Friday – Monday: 

From 4pm on Friday to 9am on Monday (5pm – 10am summer time)

Public Holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St.Stephens Day, New Years Eve, New Year's Day and St Patrick's Day"

Yes.  Contact Central Network Mapping on  1850 928 960 or +353 (0) 1 8582060 for details on the terms and conditions of this service
In emergency cases ONLY we can provide maps for collection. Please call 1850 928 960 or +353 (0) 1 8582060 to arrange this. This service operates Monday to Friday only.
Please allow 10 working days.
All ESB maps are posted to the address supplied. We can provide multiple copies if requested.  Go to Digging & Excavation for more information.

Yes the contact number is 1850 928 960 or 01 8582060.




Yes, an ESB Networks' Meter Reader will still call to read the main meter.