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No. Those connecting Micro-Generators are not required to apply to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) in order to receive an Authorisation to Construct/Licence to Generate as they are deemed to be automatically authorised and licensed by Order. Please note that such generators are subject to certain terms and conditions as set out in the relevant Orders (S.I. No. 383 of 2008 and S.I. No. 384 of 2008). Go to CRU website for a copy of the Orders.
The cost of your bill may fall because you may not be drawing as much power from the electricity network as previously.   However, there is no change to your standing charge which remains the same.

If you have a voltage problem you may notice such signs as:

  • Lights dimming when other appliances are in use
  • TV picture not stable when other appliances are in use
  • Kettle is slow to boil
  • Electrical motors that fail to start first time 


Note: These problems can also be experienced if you exceed the capacity of your electricity connection. In this case, you will need to increase the level of your supply. 

If you have an Import/Export meter you can get paid for exported electricity. You will also need to contact your Electrical Supplier to make sure they offer an export tariff.
ESB Networks delivers electricity in a voltage range of 207 Volts to 253 Volts. This is in accordance with European Standard EN50160. 
Chargeable jobs are payable in advance. Your electrician will submit the wiring certificate electronically through his/her registered body.
It is not obligatory to install an import/Export meter in all circumstances. We will carry out checks on your existing meter to verify suitability of same.  When an Import/Export meter is not installed, you will not be able to apply to a supplier for payment and the exported units are not recorded.
You will have to get an Inspection from one of the Regulatory Bodies such as ECSSA or RECI or go to Safe Electric in order to acquire a wiring certificate. The wiring certificate affirms that the wiring has been done to the required standard and it therefore provides assurance that your wiring installation is safe.  For more information go to Certification Process.
The current installation fee is €340 (incl VAT).