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Your price plan has changed and the meter is looking for a 40 digit code to be entered. Please contact your electricity supplier if you do not have this code. Wait until this message clears, press the * button and then enter the special tariff change code. 
You have left out a number or entered the Top Up Code too slowly please start again.
The Top Up Code has been accepted by your meter.  
The Rates for Mast Interference are part of an ESB Code of practice and have been negotiated and agreed with major agricultural groups such as the IFA.  The rates are updated each year in line with the Consumer Price Index.
You have entered an incorrect code and need to erase it by pressing the * key. 
Press the * button on the keypad. The message KEYCODE will be displayed.  Enter the full Top-Up code, followed by # Key. If you enter any number incorrectly, you can erase it by pressing the *  key. When a valid code is entered on the meter "Accepted" will appear on the display.

Download the Mast Compensation Payment Instruction Form (PDF | 106 KB) or call 1850 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to request a copy. 

Post the completed form to:

Mast Administration
ESB Networks DAC
PO Box 29
Co Westmeath
Bring your Pay As You Go Card or keypad number to your nearest Payzone or PayPoint outlet and top up with the amount you require. 
Look for shops with the Payzone or PayPoint signs or contact your electricity supplier. 
A Pay As You Go Meter is a meter where you buy your credit and load it into your meter prior to using your electricity. For further information please go to Pay As You Go Meter
We do not supply generators in such situations. We advise customers a minimum of two working days in advance of any planned outage. We suggest you consult your medical advisor to plan any appropriate measures. Go to Vulnerable Customer Policy for further information.