Connection Policy - Transitional Arrangements Application Form for Capacity Release

In line with the commission for Energy Regulation (CER)'s Decision Paper - Connection Policy Transitional Arrangements CER/16/284, and as amended by Connection Policy Transitional Arrangements Partial Capacity Release CER/17/090, generation customers may apply to ESB Networks to terminate all or part of an eligible Customer's Distribution Connection Agreement. In the case of Full Capacity Release, customers shall be refunded 80% of first stage payment or 80% of the relevant first stage payment in the case of a partial termination. In the case of a Partial Capacity Release, Customers may apply to release part of their eligible Distribution Connection Agreement. Please not that there is no refund applicable under this scenario and modifications to relocate, split, merge and change technology, are not permitted thereafter as set out in Section 2.2 of Connection Policy Transitional Arrangements Partial Capacity Release CER/17/090. ESB Networks is now accepting applications from eligible projects, guidance for which is listed below. The previous deadline for applications was 28th April 2017. This deadline has now been extended by CER from 28th April 2017 to 30th June 2017. Any applications received after this date will not be processed unless otherwise directed by the CER.

DSO Capacity Release Form PDF 271KB     

There is no application fee payable by the Customer for the processing of these applications. When the application form is completed please email an electronic version to and send the form in hardcopy ( with original signature) to:

DSO Generators, ESB Networks, Phase 1 Building, Leopardstown Rd., Foxrock,

Dublin 18,  Ireland. D18XN80.

It should be noted that this form is to be used for the purposes of CER/16/284 & CER/17/090 only. Once the deadline date for this measure has passed this form will no longer be valid. The refund rules are set out in Section 3.4.2. of CER/16/284.  Please note refunds are only applicable to applications which fall under CER decision paper 16/284 (for the release of full gate capacity). Guidance for eligible projects is in accordance with Section 3.4.1 of CER/16/284 and Section 2 of CER/17/090.  For full details of the decision please refer to the CER Direction CER/16/284 and CER/17/090

Please note that this application form deals with the Distribution Connection Agreements only. If you wish to avail of the capacity release measure under CER/16/284 and CER/17/090 and have a Transmission Connection Agreement, please contact Eirgrid at