Smart Meter Upgrade

Meter by Meter, we're connecting Ireland to a clean electric future

As part of the National Climate Action Plan, ESB Networks is upgrading all electricity meters in homes, farms, and businesses across the country with smart meters. We have now installed over 800,000 smart meters nationwide. The roll out is being progressed on an area-by-area basis and customers will get plenty of notice when we are coming to your area.

View our map below with plans for the smart meter rollout.

Surge Protection

All electricity networks are occasionally subject to variations in voltage due to lightning, storms or other causes of damage. Your own electrical installation can also sometimes cause voltage variations. These variations may interfere with the effective functioning of sensitive appliances or equipment.

You can use a surge protection device or SPD to protect sensitive electronic equipment

  • Ask your registered Electrical Contractor to install an SPD on your distribution board or
  • Use a socket board/extension lead with built -in SPD - available widely from good retailers.

Covid-19 Update

  • As part of the National Climate Action Plan, ESB Networks is upgrading all existing electricity meters across Ireland with smart meters.
  • To ensure the safety of our customers, staff and contractors we have implemented additional measures in accordance with Government COVID-19 guidelines.
  • The meter exchange requires a power outage of up to 45 minutes, we'll work with you to arrange a suitable time to exchange the meter.

More about smart meters

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