Moving Business Premises

If you are moving in or moving out of a business premises, you need to inform your supplier of your MPRN to ensure a seamless connection and billing process.

Follow these Steps when Moving in 

If you are moving into a new commercial premises, here are the steps you need to take:

Once you have registered with a Supplier, we'll send you a Connection Agreement. The Connection Agreement outlines ESB Networks general conditions for connection and any specific terms relating to your individual connection. The agreement is based on the existing Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) for your premises.

Please sign and return your Connection Agreement to:

ESB Networks DAC.
Accounts Receivable
Sarsfield Road

Check that the Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is correct for your needs.

It is important to find out if the MIC is correct for your needs. If the MIC is too high, you could pay for more electricity than you need to. If it is too low it may impact on equipment performance.

We recommend that you consult with an electrical contractor or engineer to find out what MIC is right for you. To change your MIC go to 'Increase or decrease your supply'

Note: You must sign and return a Connection Agreement before you can apply to change your MIC.

Follow these Steps when Moving out

Contact your Electricity Supplier to advise that you are moving out of your commercial premises.

Give the Supplier the final reading on your electricity meter.

Your Supplier will then send you the final bill.

Connection Agreement

 If you have received a Connection Agreement from ESB Networks and your details are incorrect, please contact your Electricity Supplier who will send the amendments to ESB Networks.