Smart meters are the next generation of digital electricity meters that will bring many benefits to customers, the environment and the economy. 
Currently, your electricity meter is manually read by ESB Networks up to four times per year. Smart Meters are able to record your consumption more frequently and automatically send your meter readings to ESB Networks.

Smart meters will provide customers with better information on their energy usage, enable them to reduce their carbon footprint and, over time, eliminate the need for estimated bills. Smart Meters will enable the move to a low-carbon electricity network, the development of smart grids, and support the electrification of heat and transport, local renewable generation and microgeneration.

From 2021 new products and services will enable you to shift some of your consumption to off peak times of the day when electricity is cheaper. In the future, functionality within the meter will also allow ESB Networks to find faults quicker and manage the safety of your meter more efficiently.