The National Smart Metering Programme was established by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and is the delivery plan for the roll out of smart meters across Ireland. ESB Networks has been tasked with the delivery of the roll out programme, which involves upgrading all of Ireland’s electricity meters to smart meters.

Ireland’s smart meter upgrade programme is part of the national Climate Action plan. Smart meters will support Ireland's transition to a low carbon future by enabling the development of smart grids, and supporting the electrification of heat and transport, local renewable generation and microgeneration. From 2021 electricity supply companies will begin to offer new smart products and services, which will enable you to shift some of your consumption to times of the day when electricity is cheaper.

Smart meters will significantly reduce the need for estimated bills, make the supplier switching process easier and empower customers to make more informed choices for their energy needs. Smart metering will also allow ESB Networks to find faults quicker and manage the electricity network more efficiently.  

The roll out began in Cork, Laois and Kildare in autumn 2019 and is being delivered on a phased basis until 2024. We also commenced work in parts of Dublin and Meath at the beginning of this year. By the end of 2020 it is envisaged that 250,000 meters will have been replaced and approximately 500,000 meters will be installed in each of the four years thereafter.