Submit a meter reading

Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your electricity connection. It begins with 10 and can be found on your latest electricity bill.

Add another Meter Reading

If you have a meter with day and night dials or if you have more than one meter, please use the additional boxes

Please enter a number which you can be contacted on. You can enter a mobile or landline number. If using a landline, remember to include your area code (e.g. 01 for Dublin).

​Reading your Meter

A meter reader will visit your home or business up to four times annually to read your meter. If you're not at home when the meter reader calls, they will leave a card inviting you to submit a meter reading via phone or online.

Find your MPRN Number

Watch Video Watch Video on How to find your MPRN View Image

Ways to submit your meter reading

Phone 1800 33 77 77

Text  087 9609223 in the format: MPRN (space) reading


Please have your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) to hand.