Increase the level of supply in a house

Each connection point on the electricity network has a Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) associated with it. We design our network to provide you with an electricity supply that is in accordance with a specified MIC.

If you recently added a large extension to your home or started using equipment that requires significant extra power, your MIC may no longer be enough for your needs.

Why you may need to increase supply in a house

You may begin to notice problems such as the main fuse blowing, lights dimming when many electrical devices are on at the same time or, electrical motors failing to start first time.

Note: If you have not significantly increased the amount of electricity you are using there could be a voltage problem in your home or on our network. Find out more about voltage problems here.

​Step by Step Guide

Apply Online  

Tip: Make sure to tick the box "Increased Supply" and quote the MPRN for your connection.

In line with HSE Guidelines and recent Government Restrictions, ESB Networks is only accepting applications via our Online Connections Platform until further notice.  Any customer who cannot access our Online Platform should email for assistance.

When we receive your application we send an acknowledgement with your job number. A written quote is issued in due course.

See a list of all ESB Networks' Charges (PDF | 629KB).

When increasing your supply, you may also need to upgrade your main switch board so it can carry the increased load. We recommend that you consult with a registered electrical contractor or electrical engineer to check this.

If alterations are required and subsequently carried out, an E.T.C.I. Certificate is provided by your electrical contractor on completion of the work. This certificate is subsequently sent to us electronically by the contractor's regulatory body.

Learn more about the certification process here.

Once you have your quote you can pay in the way that suits you.

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Once you make a payment (and any switch board alterations are made and certified by your contractor) we complete all necessary work to increase your MIC.

Note: In some circumstances increasing your MIC may require the local electricity network to be upgraded. If so, you will be required to make a capital contribution to that work as part of the payment you make to us. This contribution will be detailed in your quotation.