Mast Interference Payments

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Compensation Payments for Mast Interference on Farming Land

Sometimes the bases of steel electricity masts or double wood poles may interfere with your everyday farming practices. If this happens, you are entitled to an annual compensation payment from ESB Networks.

Payments are in the first quarter of each year for electricity lines of 38 kV and above. Payments are made by electronic fund transfer direct to your bank account.

Download the Mast Compensation Claim Form PDF | 1 MB or call 1800 372 757 or +353 21 2386555 to request a copy.

Send the completed form, together with an ordnance survey map of your land to:


Mast Administration
ESB Networks DAC
PO Box 29
Co Westmeath

Complete the attached payment instruction form and return to the above address.

Download the Mast Compensation Payment Instruction Form PDF | 622 KB.

The following table indicates the schedule of payments for 2020. These rates are updated each year in line with the Consumer Price Index.


38kV Single Wood Pole     
Payment Class Dimensions  Annual Payments per Mast (Euro) 
 A  38kV Pole €10.85

 Table 1 - Payment Rates for 38kV Single Wood Pole

Double Wood Poles     
Payment Class Dimensions  Annual Payments per Mast (Euro) 
 B  Under 2.7m wide  €16.34
 C  Over 2.7m wide  €38.82

 Table 2 - Payment Rates for Double Wood Pole

Steel Tower (Angle Mast)     
Payment Class Dimensions Annual Payments per Mast (Euro) 
Up to 3.0m  €34.18
>3.0m and <=3.8m  €37.87
 F  >3.8m and <=4.6m   €49.07
G >4.6m and <=6.1m  €65.35
H >6.1m and <=7.6m  €76.68
>7.6m and <=9.1m  €95.05
>9.1m and <=10.7m  €117.55
>10.7m and <=12.2m  €157.06
>12.2m and <=13.7m  €173.15
M >13.7m and <=15.2m  €213.36
N >15.2m and <=16.8m  €233.81
 Over 16.8 €271.37

 Table 3 - Payment Rates for Steel Tower (Angle Mast)

Code of Practice

Mast compensation payments made by ESB Networks to landowners derive from the document entitled Code of Practice for Survey, Construction and Maintenance of Overhead Lines in relation to Rights to Landowners.

Contact Details

Mast Compensation queries should be directed to  or you can call 1800 372 757 or +353 21 2386555.