Getting an Additional Meter Connected

Family Apartment

Getting an additional meter connected

Where an existing single dwelling is to be divided for the purpose of accommodating a family member and an independent meter is required for that family member, you may be eligible to apply for a family apartment connection. 

The conditions for a family apartment are explained below.

If you are applying for a family apartment please follow the steps on this page.

What is a Family Apartment? 

A family apartment (previously referred to as a granny flat) is a self-contained unit built adjoining an existing house. It is used for additional accommodation for a family member, usually an elderly person. A family apartment may be a newly constructed extension or a conversion of an existing structure such as a garage. ​

There are certain conditions that must be met to qualify for a family apartment connection:

  • As a sub-division of a main dwelling, the meter for a family apartment must be connected to the same incoming ESB Networks service cable as the main dwelling. The family apartment meter must therefore be located immediately adjacent to the meter for the main dwelling. Prior to the customer carrying out any works, the suitability of the service and proposed position of the meter must first be agreed with ESB Networks.
  • Only one family apartment connection is allowed per dwelling at ground floor level.
  • The apartment must be for family use only, not for sub-letting.
  • Proof of planning permission for the family apartment from the relevant Local Authority may be requested. Where planning permission is not required, ESB Networks may require evidence of family use.
  • The main dwelling and family apartment should be internally connected through an interconnecting door.
  • The existing service must be adequate to cater for the main dwelling load as well as the proposed family apartment.  

Where any of the criteria above are not met, the new connection may be dealt with as a standard 12 kVA house or apartment development.


​Step by Step Guide

Apply Online

In line with HSE Guidelines and recent Government Restrictions, ESB Networks is only accepting applications via our Online Connections Platform until further notice.  Any customer who cannot access our Online Platform should email for assistance.
When we receive the application form, you are issued with a job reference number which you can use for all further enquiries regarding your application.  

We send you a written quotation for connecting the family apartment which normally issues within 15 working days.

See a list of all ESB Networks' charges here (PDF | 629 KB).  

In some circumstances, connecting a family apartment may require the local electricity network to be upgraded. If so, you will be required to make a capital contribution to that work. This contribution will be specified in the quotation. 

Once you have your quote, you can make a payment by whichever method suits you best. 

ESB Networks DAC.
Accounts Receivable
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Licence No. FCK 724
You should first register your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) with an Electricity Supplier of your choice. A list of suppliers is available on

If no significant extra work is required, we generally complete your connection within 12 weeks of payment being received.

In order to achieve this target, the following must take place: 

  1. Your E.T.C.I. Certificate is provided by your electrical contractor on completion of the wiring of your new family apartment. A notification of this validated wiring certificate from your contractor's regulatory body must be received electronically by ESB Networks.
  2. You must contact ESB Networks to confirm that an outdoor meter cabinet has been provided for the electricity meters as per our ESB Networks' Specification (PDF | 1 MB). To Contact Us call 1800 372 757 or +353 21 2386555

Note: The above must be received two weeks prior to you requiring connection to your family apartment. 

Learn more about the Certification Process

Once all of the above requirements have been met, we can complete your new connection. Your electrical contractor is then responsible for making the power live in your new family apartment.