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Step 1 - ESB Networks' Charges

As you have some power in your house the electrical fault could be on your side of the meter. If we respond to your call and the fault is located in your own electrical installation, you may be liable for a charge of up to €136 and we may not be able to repair your fault.

Please check

  • Your lights and sockets
  • Your trip switches are in the correct position
  • Your credit if you have a keypad meter

Will you accept the ESB Networks’ charge if applicable, up to €136? It is important that you thoroughly check your installation to ensure that the fault does not lie on your side of the meter. The problem may be a faulty fuse or a fault in your own wiring, which ESB Networks may not be able to repair. If you have a keypad meter or token meter please check that there is sufficient credit on your meter. You may wish to check your installation before proceeding to register this fault with us, if not, please confirm that you will accept the ESB Networks' charge if applicable. open charge information


Step 4 - Fault Registered

Thank you-Please contact us on 1800 372 999 ..if you need further assistance. check power check for real time updates.