ESB Networks and Environmental Policy

At ESB Networks, we are committed to proactively caring for the environment and conducting our activities in an environmentally responsible way.

It is our policy to fully comply with environmental legislation, with a particular focus on best practice waste management systems, the promotion of recycling, and diversion of waste from landfill. We have developed an Environmental Policy which outlines our commitment to the environment in more detail.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS), which is externally certified to the International Standard ISO 14001, provides the framework for achieving our environmental objectives and supports our vision to be a world class sustainable networks business.

ESB Networks Working with Stakeholders

At ESB Networks, we actively engage with a number of stakeholders on relevant environmental issues. Key stakeholders include:

We also work closely with the relevant statutory bodies to minimise the impact of the electricity network on the countryside. To help achieve this, national monuments and designated conservation areas are mapped on our geographical network diagram information systems.