FOI Disclosure Log

FOI Requests received by ESB Networks DAC's FOI Office in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarter 2018.

Date Received  Category of Requester Description of Request  Status  Date of Decision Id Number 
 14/09/2018 Business/Interest Group  Section 10 Request Coolnabacky, Portlaoise 400kV substation  Refused   05/10/2018   FO110162
 13/09/2018 Business/Interest Group Commencement of supply from substation IDA Snugborough Business Park  Part-Granted  04/10/2018   FOI10161
 31/08/2018 Business/Interest Group  Power Outages at IDA Business Park, Athlumney, Navan in the last 5 years   Granted  20/09/2018  FOI10158 
 23/08/2018 Journalist  Complaints by residents of Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon January to June 2018   Part-Granted  18/09/2018  FOI10154 
 17/08/2018 Business/Interest Group  Commencement of supply from substation IDA Business Park, Ballycoolin   Refused  12/09/2018  FOI10152
 10/08/2018 Journalist  Electric vehicle chargers in residential parking areas by location   Part-Granted  07/09/2018  FOI10148
 10/08/2018 Business/Interest Group  Rural(DG2) and Urban(DG1) electricity connections   Granted  21/08/2018  FO110147
 03/07/2018 Business/Interest Group  Registered as "Vulnerable Customer" in relation to electricity supply  Refused  30/07/2018  FOI10142
 02/07/2018 Business/Interest Group  Map MV Networ   Refused  18/07/2018  F0110141
 07/06/2018  Client Calls to Emergency Hotline 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018   Granted  22/06/2018  FOI10137
 18/05/2018  Client Planning and Works at Rivendell Substation   Part-Granted  12/06/2018  FOI10133
 17/05/2018  Client Residential Properties connected to the Grid   Granted  29/06/2018  FOI10131
 08/05/2018  Client Research on ELF's from Overhead Power Lines    Granted  05/06/2018  FOI10130
 30/04/2018  Client Report on Major Fault Outage   Refused  11/05/2018  FOI10129
 17/04/2018 Business/Interest Group  Residential Distribution for each MCC in each DG   Granted   10/05/2018  FOI10127
 03/04/2018 Business/Interest Group Electricity exported to Arran Islands  Withdrawn/Handled outside of FOI  30/04/2018  FOI10124
 27/03/2018  Client  Residential Properties with current connection   Granted  20/04/2018  FOI10121
 20/03/2018  Client Planning Permission for Transmission line   Refused  18/04/2018  FOI10119
 15/03/2018 Business/Interest Group Solar Farm clearances from Overhead Power Lines   Granted  13/04/2018  FOI10118
 13/03/2018  Client Residential Properties with active and inactive connections  Refused  21/03/2018   FOI10120
 12/03/2018  Journalist Connection to E-charging grid   Part-Granted  23/03/2018  FOI10117
 12/03/2018 Business/Interest Group Transformer at Kilross Road & 38kV substation   Part-Granted  22/05/2018  FOI10115
 28/02/2018  Client Mahon Hydro supply to National Grid   Refused   15/03/2018  FOI10114
 22/02/2018  Client Connection of residential properties to power grid   Refused  21/03/2018  FOI10113
 21/02/2018 Business/Interest Group Meter Configurations codes including smart meters  Granted  16/03/2018  FOI10112
07/02/2018 Business/Interest Group Electrical distribution activity across Europe Withdrawn/Handled outside of FOI  20/02/2018  FOI10109 
 02/02/2018  Client Source of Coal burned at Moneypoint Refused   12/02/2018  FOI10108
 29/01/2018  Oireachtas Properties owned and rented by ESB not in use  Refused  30/01/2018  FOI10105
 23/11/2017  Client Details of Connection  Part-Granted  22/02/2018  FOI10098

 Table 1 - FOI Disclosure Log

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