FOI Disclosure Log

FOI Requests received by ESB Networks DAC's FOI Office in 2017.

Date Received  Category of Requester ​Description of Request  ​Status  Date of ​Decision Id Number 
25/10/2017 Client  Wayleave agreement and query re: movement of pole  Withdrawn  22/11/2017  FOI10095 
10/10/2017 Client  Road works Brews Hill Navan  Refused  07/11/2017  FOI10092 
04/10/2017 Client  Carrick on Shannon-Arigna Tee-Corderry upgrading and emissions  Refused  01/11/2017  FOI10094 
02/10/2017 Client  Maps & details of 110kV Powerlines made in Co. Clare  Refused  27/10/2017  FOI10093 
02/10/2017 Client  Maps & details of 11kV Powerlines Laois/Kilkenny  Refused  27/10/2017  FOI10091 
02/10/2017 Journalist  E-cars - costs of providing public and private charge points  Refused 24/11/2017  FOI10090 
29/09/2017 Client  Costs of Carrick on Shannon-Arigna Tee-Corderry 110kV line.  Refused  27/10/2917  FOI10088 
24/09/2017  Client  Substation and capacity  Refused  26/10/2017  FOI10089 
21/09/2017 Client  Maps & details of Powerlines Tralee Tarbert  Refused  24/10/2017  FOI10087 
21/09/2017 Client   Proposed route map of 110kv powerline@ Clashavoon power station, Macroon, Co. Cork  Refused  17/10/2017  FOI10085 
05/10/2017 Client   List of 38kv, 110kv and 220kv power lines, details & maps   Refused  18/10/2017  FOI10084 
06/09/2017 Client  new poles erected, life span, costs and maintenance of poles  Refused  03/10/2017   FOI10080
18/09/2017 Client  Details of volume of water released at Poulaphuca  Refused  13/09/2017   FOI10083 
07/09/2017 Client Sponsorship Refused  18/09/2017   FOI10081 
29/08/2017 Client  Street Lights  Withdrawn/Dealt with Outside of FOI  25/09/2017   FOI10079
11/08/2017 Business/Interest Group  Demand Information Granted   07/09/2017  FOI10078
24/07/2017 Client  Pay and Gender  Refused   21/08/2017  FOI10076
24/07/2017  Business/Interest Group  Wayleave connection Cooly Windfarmto ESB Substation Refused  21/08/2017  FOI10077
17/05/2017 Client  Glasha Hydro to Doon substation  Part-granted   25/07/2017  FOI10065
28/06/2017 Business/Interest Group  Irish Water works scheduled for Grand Canal Quay Withdrawn/Dealt with Outside of FOI   25/07/2017  FOI10073
24/05/2017 Client  Substation: Freshford Road  Refused  19/07/2017  FOI10067
13/06/2017 Client Works and proposed works on Tolka Estate Green, Dublin 11 Refused  10/07/2017  FOI10071 
21/06/2017 Business/Interest Group  Procurement: Vehicle Telematics  Refused   11/07/2017  FOI10070
15/06/2017 Client Glasha Hydro to Doon substation Part-granted  13/07/2017  FOI10069 
14/06/2017 Client Substation rules Withdrawn/Dealt  with Outside of FOI  21/06/2017  FOI10072
19/05/2017 Client Glasha Hydro to Doon substation Withdrawn   15/06/2017  FOI10066
14/04/2017 Journalist Staff bonuses Refused  10/05/2017  F0I10060 
13/01/2017 Business/Interest Group  Historical metered production data on a daily basis from all wind farms Refused   11/05/2017  FOI10061
20/02/2017 Client Funding queries  Refused  20/03/2017  FOI10059
05/02/2017 Client  Details Moyville and Windfarm at Crockbrack  Granted  23/03/2017   FOI10054
20/01/2017 Staff  Report “Review of Fleet Replacement Programme Approval” dated 22/03/2016 Refused   10/02/2017  FOI10056
09/01/2017  Business/Interest Group   Electricity Consumption Records Withdrawn  09/02/2017  FOI10055
29/12/2016 Individual  Request for records of AIE requests Refused  09/01/2016  FOI10053
01/12/2016 Individual  Information on works carried out on substation at Sexton St. North, Thomondgate   Granted  22/12/2016  FOI10052
28/07/2016 Individual  Information on Cooly Wind Farm, Crockbrack Hill, connection.  Part-granted   29/11/2016  FOI10048
10/10/2016 Individual  Records relating to former staff  Refused  30/10/2016  FOI10050 
24/08/2016 Business  Query distribution substation transformer and load information on the ESB Networks website  Part-granted  20/09/2016  FOI10049
10/06/2016 Business Connection agreements for Beale Hill Part-granted  08/07/2016  FOI10043
01/07/2016 Interest Group ESB Code of Practice for People with Disabilities Granted 11/07/2016   FOI10046

 Table 1 - FOI Disclosure Log

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