Information about the Distribution System Operator

ESB Networks DAC, a ring fenced subsidiary within ESB Group, is the licensed operator of the electricity distribution system in the Republic of Ireland.  Staff in the ESB Networks business unit carry out the licensed functions of the Transmission Asset Owner, Distribution Asset Owner and Distribution System Operator, under the management of ESB Networks DAC.  The Freedom of Information Act 2014 applies only to ESB Networks Limited in its capacity as the licensed Distribution System Operator.

  Transmission Asset Owner Distribution Asset Owner  Distribution System Operator 
License   TAO Licence Distribution Asset Licence  DSO Licence
License Granted to  ESB  ESB  ESB Networks DAC
Subject to FOI Act  No  No  Yes

 Table 1 - Applicability of the Freedom of Information Act 2014

 Details Information available
Establishment of ESB Networks DAC.
Roles, responsibilities and functions of the Distribution System Operator
Governance & Management arrangements

Details of the ESB Networks DAC. Board and Management and Organisation Structure can be found here:

 ESB Networks DAC Board

ESB Network DAC.'s list of submissions to the Companies Registration Office is available HERE.


Corporate Plans and Strategies

ESB Networks 2027 (PDF | 3MB)

Annual Report

  • ESB Networks DAC does not produce an Annual Report.  The ESB Group Annual Report provides information on ESB Networks DAC.'s annual performance and is available here.
  • ESB Networks' Annual Performance Reports and Annual Compliance can be found here:
Organisation and Pay/Grading Structures

An overview of the ESB Networks structure is available here:

ESB Networks Organisation Structure

Pay grades in ESB Networks DAC. are currently the subject of discussions between ESB and its Unions.
Locations and contact details

Contact Us

Map of Divisions

Links to agencies/other bodies under the FOI body's remit ESB Networks DAC. in its capacity as the licensed Distribution System Operator, is regulated by the Commission for Energy Regulation.
Details of Service Level Agreements

The following Service Level Agreements describe the service levels Distribution System Operator will operate to in performing the Meter Registration System Operator, Data Collector, Meter Operator functions.

ESB Networks Service Level Agreements

Documentation relating to the current Retail Market Design, and the Retail Market Design Service of ESB Networks, can be found on the RMDS website.


Information on the Meter Registration System Operator (MRSO), who is responsible for the Change of Supplier process and the processing/aggregation of meter data required to support Trading & Settlement in the competitive electricity market, can be found on the MRSO website.

Customer Charters ESB Networks Customer Charter (PDF | 1MB)
Codes of Practice or Guidelines

Additionally, a large body of information is available on our website under the following Publications Categories:        

 Load Demand Data

Special Load Reading Data

Special Load Reading data for 2016-2017 providing demand information on transformers and feeders of 110kV and 38kV substations.  These records have been redacted removing customer names, MPRN, MIC, billing class and MEC.


Special Load Reading 2016-17 |418KB

SLR Main Section |1MB

Updated Abnormal Feeding |32KB

HV Export Customer Stations |44KB

HV Demand Customer Stations |46KB

MV & LV Generators < 25kVA |81KB 

 Table 2 - Information about the Distribution System Operator


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